About STAR

Our Mission

STAR’s mission is to preserve and expand the arts community at Hunters Point Shipyard by:

- Conserving affordable artist studios and workspaces
- Supporting arts programs in the Bayview community  
- Creating arts exhibition and education facilities
- Promoting the shipyard as a hub of artistic activity

The Shipyard Trust for The Arts (STAR) is a California 501c3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to conserving affordable San Francisco art studios and work space, supporting Bayview/Hunters Point community art programs, and creating educational and exhibition opportunities.

The Shipyard Trust for the Arts (STAR) is the official task force for the over 250 Hunters Point Shipyard artists who comprise the largest group of independent studios in the United States.  For over two decades, tens of thousands of people have visited HP open studios to enjoy this unique treasure, which enhances San Francisco’s reputation as a center of creativity and a cultural destination.

Since its inception, STAR has successfully advanced the interests of working artists while also enhancing the Bayview community.  Without STAR’s advocacy, the artists and studios would have disappeared years ago and the site would have continued to deteriorate. Fortunately, STAR has successfully created a permanent place within the shipyard that will benefit future generations of artists and the general public. STAR looks forward to establishing stronger ties to community and government leaders to achieve the common vision of transforming the shipyard into a more dynamic and diverse part of the City.

STAR is funded by grants from Mayor’s office of Economic Development and the Tides Foundation.