Hunters Point Shipyard

Artist Colony, Historic Buildings and Redevelopment Tour 2014

Historic  “disttrict” buildings  and dry-dock, circa  1863

Tour will focus on artists' studio buildings: 101, 110, the new studio building area and Shipyard Parcel B.  Also included will be the top of the hill in Parcel A provided construction conditions permit.  This will be a walking tour as we will be able to see more on foot.  Wear comfortable shoes and allow1 ½ to 2 hours time for the tour.

We will meet at 10am at the security gate, where you will follow me to park in Parcel B.  There you will see the artist studio buildings currently occupied which are slated for demolition in the next phase of redevelopment.  We can also observe some of the Navy clean up efforts completed in Parcel B, and take in the prime waterfront view past the studio buildings.  Also from Parcel B we can see in the distance the huge glass periscope building and largest structures in Parcel C.   We will also be able to see the historic pump houses original dry-dock dating from 1863 that are national historic landmarks that will be preserved.

We will then continue on to Bldg 101 with a brief stop to 1 or 2 artist studios (provided time permits) and continue outside to the back of Bldg 101 and up the fire escape stairs to the 2nd floor for the "grand view" of the greater HP Shipyard area including the huge crane and historic dry docks. We can give a brief explanation of the Parcels, the Navy cleanup status, the RD plans and some details of the working history of the shipyard itself as shown by the buildings seen from this view.  From here, depending on time and the interest of those in the tour group, we can go up the hill in Parcel A where construction of new homes is underway, and observe the rest of the Shipyard are to the east and south, including the areas that housed the National Radiological Defense Labs for over 30 years.

This overall view with an inside look at artist studios will illustrate the prime location and choice of Hunters Point Shipyard for such large-scale investment of government funds for Superfund site clean up, extensive urban redevelopment plans, and what the role/presence of the artist community is and will continue to be within it.

Submarine dry-dock, Parcel B


Bldg 125 Submarine Caffeteria Building