Board of Directors 2017

Marti McKee, President
Karen Slater, Vice President
Barbara Ockel, Treasurer
Andrea Baker
Stacey M. Carter
Rob Cox
Helene Fried
Jim Gleeson
Scott Madison
Ron Moultrie Saunders

About STAR’s Board Members

Marti McKee is an artist working in drawing and printmaking. After a long stint away from making art, high school to late 30's, Marti began a process of expressing herself through figurative drawing and printmaking. She has been an artist at Pier 70’s Noonan Building since 1997. She currently makes etchings, monotypes, linocuts and collographs - almost exclusively figurative work. She has been in many local group exhibitions and my work has been accepted into juried exhibitions nationally and throughout California. Marti has been an San Francisco Open Studios participant for nearly 20 years.

Karen Slater has lived in San Francisco for 30 years, making art, raising a family and volunteering in various ways. She has had a studio at the Shipyard for at least 15 years and has been interested in the redevelopment process since 2003. Karen's art work is mostly painting, in oil and watercolor. Occasional monoprint work when equipment is available. Her website is:

            “I'm working on the STAR board and on the Real Estate Committee because I believe that the future of the arts in San Francisco may be linked to the future of the Shipyard studio buildings. The opportunity to play a part in the decisions about the arts on the Shipyard gives me a chance to work towards a project that will affect artists far in the future. I'm excited to be able to be a part of this process.”

Barbara Ockel is the Director of the Bayview Opera House which was founded in 1989 to manage programs from its historic 1888 theatre. Bayview Opera House, Inc. (BVOH), is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to serve as the focal point for art and culture in the Bayview Hunters Point community by providing accessible, diverse, and high-quality arts education, cultural programs and community events in a safe environment.

Stacey M. Carter is a San Francisco artist and artist advocate who has maintained a studio at Hunters Point Shipyard since 1998.  She is a graduate of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art having studied in Rome, Italy.  She is an accomplished visual artist with a 20-year career in painting and printmaking. She is an urban archaeologist, conjuring up lost or forgotten visions of time and humanity in the bay area. Carter has shown work at the George Krevsky Gallery, and her clients include the NFL football team Baltimore Ravens.  

                 “As an artist working at Hunters Point Shipyard, I recognize a responsibility to preserve, protect and secure permanent affordable artist studios /work spaces. Those of us who rent studios at Hunters Point Shipyard thrive within that collective location and find inspiration there.  I am dedicated to raising social and political awareness of this important cultural institution along with San Francisco’s continuing commitment.”

Rob Cox is a longstanding member of the Hunters Point Shipyard artist colony and San Francisco resident. He paints the urban landscape as well as figures and everyday objects. His work is in a Pop style with muddy underpinnings. Recently Rob was honored to be selected two years in a row to be a contributing artiest for Heroes & Hearts, the SF General Hospital’s annual fundraiser.

Helene Fried is an independent consultant in the arts - primarily public art and new cultural institutions. She began her three-decade career as Director of Exhibitions at the San Francisco Art Institute, co-founded the Department of Architecture and Design at SFMOMA and advised both the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the developer on the public art for Yerba Buena Gardens and the development of the Center for the Arts. She believes in the significant role the artist plays in our contemporary urban life and often says “I learned about art from artists and about design from designers.”

Jim Gleeson is a third-generation San Franciscan whose deeply grounded sense of place permeates all his work, particularly his paintings of San Francisco’s historic signage and people. He is currently on the faculty of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he is a drawing instructor and runs his own home-based gallery called The Gleeson Gallery which features Jim’s work as well as that of other local artists. He is a member of NWS, SWA, CWA, Watercolor West, SDWS and AWS.

Scott Madison will need no introduction to many of you. But for those who don’t know Scott, he is the co-owner of the Eclectic Cookery in Building 110 and 101. After a long hiatus, Scott, one of the co-founders of Shipyard Trust for the Arts, is returning to the Board. Scott, artist Linda Hope and others began a long and arduous advocacy to fight to save the Shipyard Artists from eviction that started in the mid 1980’s. In 1995 they founded the Shipyard Trust for the Arts. In 2004, thanks to their hard work and dedication, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, local politicians and many Hunters Point artists celebrated the agreement with Lennar that there would be no net loss of artist studio space at Hunters Point as a result of development.