About STAR and the YES Project


The Youth Educational Spacecraft Project (YES) is an unprecedented mobile classroom boldly forging new ground in learning through creative expression about art and technology.

The spacecraft's exterior is an extraordinary mosaic created by over 75 kids using recycled materials. The interior is an interactive fort where children are invited inside to interact with sound, video, robotics and technology.

In a time when funding for art and science education is constantly cut, the YES Project is dedicated to providing the valuable resource for education in art and technology to people in want and need.

The YES Spacecraft will “land” at Hunters Point Shipyard for the Fall Open Studios weekend offering tours and workshops during Family Arts Day 11-4pm Saturday Nov 9, and will be on display Sunday through the following week at the Shipyard.

The YES Spacecraft at Hunters Point for Family Art Day, Nov. 9-10, 2013

The YES project is a great opportunity for STAR and the Shipyard Artists to support in its early stages of curriculum development.  The Spaceship was born and built by Dana Albany right here in the Bayview.  It is an incredible concept that with the right publicity, planning and support, can have far reaching effects on opening new avenues of effective youth education. 

If you are an arts educator and would like to learn more or get involved with the development of the YES Project please contact STAR Education Committee members:

Bath Shannon bethshannon@mac.com or
Stacey Carter stacey@staceycarter.net


Youth Educational Spacecraft Project, a Mobile Spaceship Classroom


                  YES spacecraft at the Exploratorium, August 2013          

Benefits to the larger neighborhood community:

The Youth Educational Spacecraft Project is itself a large, collaborative, creative public art sculpture. Covered in lunar mosaics and designed by Bayview children, it will draw attention everywhere it “lands”, integrating art, technology and history in the daily lives of the community, enhancing the environment in the Bayview District and invites the community re-evaluate the way they interact with their world.

For the Family Art Day during Fall Open Studios, the YES Project can offer “Hands-on Workshops” for making and giving out:

  • LED Sculptures
  • Robot Sculptures
  • Decorating the Spaceship
  • Mosaics
  • Instrument building

Dana Albany will lead mosaic workshops using recycled materials and facilitate the demonstration of how the children participated in the making of the spacecraft. Children and adults will be able to create and take home a repurposed mosaic magnet .

Further programming includes the interactive demonstration of following how wiring works from a nine-volt battery to lights, push buttons, switches and fans.

Tours will be led through the spacecraft introducing the public to how the collaborative spacecraft was built with emphasis on recycling, art and technology.

Kal Spelletich will have robots on hand for the public to interact with and operate. Thus, complimenting the spacecraft with its mission statement of incorporating craft with technology.

Brian Moore, STAR Board Member and Youth Arts Educator will lead his class from Malcom X prior to the event in an Alien Costume Making Workshop.

About the YES Project

This spaceship is a spaceship/UFO classroom in the vein of a bookmobile. It will serve as a mobile platform for artists and craftspeople to educate and share virtually anywhere. The Spaceship is designed and decorated by local children covered in an ever-evolving lunar themed mosaic and design.  We also recruit local and visiting artists.

Inside, the windows and the main “bridge” will have educational videos with footage of the past, historic, ancient times…as well as outer space.  There are interior adaptable workstations emphasizing:
 video shooting and editing, mold making, fusing and blowing glass for exterior light portals and interior stations, mosaics, robotics (lunar rover, tele-robotic arm), electronics, building installations, carpentry, gardening, electric wiring, robotics, fixing things,  water purification, video surveillance, electronic interfaces, scavenging for materials, cooking alternatives, solar power, lighting, remote control systems, art history, and classes on promoting and exhibiting art.

The spaceship will dock at schools, arts and science centers, reuse canters, playgrounds, you name it.  It is an international docking station so that when our bay is open, our classes will spill out of the spaceship spreading our educational programs out and into the streets. 

This project has received initial funding and support from:

Maker Faire, The Exploratorium,  Black Rock City LLC,  Burning Man Project and The Crucible.

The YES Project Crew:

led by:

Jessica Welder
Haideen Anderson
Trey Harvey
Alec BennettDave M. Haase
Sam Trangiamore

This mobile spaceship classroom can change kids' lives  - it has changed ours !!!