Artist in Residence Program

STAR, the Shipyard Trust for the Arts. is pleased to announce that the 2016-17 Artist in Residence Award has been made to painter Siddharth Parasnis, a resident of the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Siddharth, also known as "Sid," is now busy working in his private Shipyard studio. The Selection Panel was especially pleased to make the award to an artist who will make a significant commitment to working in the Shipyard studio as well as become an integral part of the Shipyard artist community.

Artists interested in being considered for the next Artist in Residence Award are advised to watch the STAR website for an announcement of the 2017-18 program guidelines which will be issued in early 2017. Artists interested in receiving program notification may send a request with contact information to

About STAR's Artist in Residence Program

Now in its 16th year, the Artist in Residence Award was previously made to thirteen artists who were provided with a private art studio and invited to become an integral part of the thriving Shipyard artist community of more than 250 individual artists.


  1. To serve as a bridge between artists with studios at the Shipyard and the nearby Bayview/Hunters Point community.
  2. To support and encourage talented and deserving artists from the nearby communities.
  3. To provide the recipient of the Artist in Residence Award a private professional artist studio with an opportunity to become an integral part of the Shipyard artist community and contribute to the dialogue among other practicing arts professionals.


A private, secure, sunlit artist studio available to the artist 24 hours daily for the 18-month residency period. Free adjacent parking; studio also accessible by SFMUNI.

STAR provides the Fall and Spring Open Studio artist registration fees and in addition a $500 stipend to offset related expenses such as the printing or mailing of artist announcements for Open Studios.


Comply with all safety regulations and other guidelines issued by property managers for all artists with Shipyard studios.

Participation in Fall Open Studio and Spring Open Studio is mandatory. Participation in other events such as the Christmas Sale is optional.

A donation of an appropriate artwork suitable for hanging to the STAR Auction as part of the Fall Open Studios is mandatory. A donation to the STAR permanent collection, at the conclusion of the residency period, of an appropriate artwork suitable for hanging is greatly appreciated.


Formal and informal interaction with other Shipyard artists is encouraged. Outreach and engagement with the public through educational programs held at the Shipyard or in the Bayview/Hunters Point community are also greatly desired.

Throughout the residency period, the artist recipient may be asked to volunteer his/her time in support of STAR. Any informal agreement will be a result of discussions between the artist recipient and the Artist in Residence Committee and is not intended in any way to hinder or reduce the time spent in the studio.


All visual artists who work in any medium are invited to apply if they:

  • are at least 18 years of age;
  • live, work, or are involved with the Bayview/Hunters Point community in a significant fashion; and
  • have a personal history in the community.

Artists who currently have a Shipyard studio or artists enrolled in an undergraduate or advanced degree program are not eligible.

STAR reserves the right to extend special invitations to mid-career artists to apply for the Artist in Residence Award in alternate years. In this case, the announcement will be made by STAR in advance of the annual application period.


The detailed selection process will be announced with the 2017-18 program guidelines. The STAR Board is committed to an open and equitable process and will convene a Selection Panel that may comprise a STAR Board member, a Bayview/Hunters Point Shipyard artist, and a former Artist in Residence recipient. The panel will review the applications and make a recommendation to the STAR Board, who will make the award.

The criteria for selection may include factors such as:

  • the strength of the artwork submitted,
  • the applicant's ties to the Bayview/Hunters Point community, and
  • the commitment of the artist to work in the studio on a regular, weekly basis.


Inquires or letters of interest may be sent to STAR and directed to the Artist in Residence Committee at